Thursday, September 17, 2009

Central Park Reservoir

After carrying around an umbrella all day yesterday without ever using it, I almost left it behind when I set out this morning, but then as I was walking around the Reservoir the promised rain did begin to materialize, and other people put up their umbrellas too.

I had not realized that the entire body of water had been renamed for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Good for her. Somebody really ought to touch up the paintwork on that plaque, though.

Nineteenth-century pedestrian overpass that leads away from the reservoir running path. In Sex and the City : the Movie, Charlotte is depicted in a dozen various maternity-athletic-wear outfits running on the reservoir path as the seasons change and her girth expands.

It was more like summer rain than winter rain, and without it the water would never have assumed that admirable slate-blue/iron-green color.

In this quiet rain I emerged from the park near one of the Met's innumerable extensions, bedded right up to the foundations by emerald lawns (except where it is more or less permanently surrounded by constructions sites).