Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pattern Books

Further pursuing the future wardrobe of Mabel Watson Payne, I visited Kunokuniya Bookstore in San Francisco this afternoon. There I found a pair of deeply appealing girl-clothing pattern books imported from Japan. They were priced at 1,300 yen each, according to the stickers on the backs, but that amount converted to the reasonable sum of $22.75 American.

Girls Style Book

Many of the adorable clothing items illustrated herein look adaptable to the small-type sizes that will soon be just right for Mabel Watson Payne. Granted, the instructions are printed in Japanese only, and several patterns (in Japanese fashion) are printed on top of one another, with the user expected to disentangle them – but I have faith that they will indeed sort themselves out as needed.

Girl's Everyday Dress

Carefree Clothes for Girls – a third pattern book, below – came from Amazon. Among its offerings is a dress made from several layers of cotton gauze. The layers are quilted together for the bodice and allowed to drift free of one another in the skirt. I think I will omit the ruffles at the shoulders. Mabel Watson Payne is not really a frou-frou type of girl.