Friday, June 17, 2011

An Ending

Of course there is every reason to hope for (and even to expect) many future babysitting assignments with the fascinating Mabel Watson Payne. But today still marked the end of something, since today was her father's last day of school-teaching for the year. The nine-week period where grandparents have filled in on weekdays is officially and successfully completed. We actually got through it with no melt-downs and no trips to the emergency room. At the beginning of that nine-week grandparent-period this dear small person was still stationary and relatively quiet. By the end she was propelling herself all around the apartment to the constant merry accompaniment of her own squeaks and chatterings. Starting next week, the daddy and his daughter can spend a whole summer of weekdays looking after each other  going to the park, socializing with other babies, learning to walk. And talk. Many thrilling prospects for both of them.