Tuesday, June 14, 2011

High Infant Spirits

The crib mattress has been lowered because of Mabel Watson Payne's growing agility, and consequent fears that she would soon be able to hoist herself over the railing. Now, when I put her down for a nap (as I did this afternoon) it is a long reach to get her down to the bed surface  trying to take extra care not to jostle her.

I have heard the parents talking about stopping the swaddling any time Mabel Watson Payne shows any dislike of it. But up to today's ten-month birthday, there has been no such sign. It's clear she does like it, just from the way she quiets down and goes to sleep easily once she's wrapped up. And then sleeps soundly, undisturbed by urban noise. She doesn't even wake up for sirens.

After the end of the afternoon nap this baby immediately took up the serious (yet hilarious) business of playing. How impressively straight and strong she stands, balancing just lightly on the ottoman.

It was almost a warm summer day today, the sort of weather that a ten-month birthday deserves.