Friday, June 10, 2011

Baby Investigations

Mabel Watson Payne decided to work on her shadow puppets this afternoon. In the picture above she can be observed perfecting her shadow puppet unicorn.

Today's socks did not have little rubber treads on the soles like most of her socks do (the ones with treads were all in the wash) and this poor baby had a hard time keeping her footing when she stepped off the rug onto the hardwood.

She decided to investigate my backpack, which I had tossed on the floor and forgotten about instead of putting it out of reach as I usually do.

As long as I was there to watch I did not worry about letting this child unpack my possessions. Many and many a time I have watched her meticulously unpacking her mother's large leather office satchel simply to see what was in it.

As always, when we passed through the building's lobby (after our trip to the coffee shop) time had to be allowed for a ritual visit with the Baby in the Mirror.

By the end of the day we were both a little tired, but that was only natural considering that it was Friday and we had both worked hard all week. Mabel Watson Payne puts me to shame. She never pauses in her investigations, she devotes every waking minute to them.