Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Valiant Baby

Mabel Watson Payne always keeps flowers in the house. Today's flowers were roses  in graduated tones of cream and pink. They had been around for a few days and were aging visibly, which meant (surprisingly enough) that they looked better than ever.

This baby had the sniffles  and so spent a slightly less rambunctious day than usual. Still, she had no problem outshining the roses, even in her reduced condition.

Of course she still made a point of holding her own bottles, always determined to do things for herself if she possibly can. And after finishing her refreshment, she would (newly energized) set off resolutely to survey her territory ...

... and to read herself some books.

The geraniums on the windowsill have come along. Only a month ago I recorded the first few red petals of the year here. Like the roses, the geraniums offered themselves in graduated tones  fuchsia-pink to orange-scarlet.