Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occidental Dinner

Mabel Watson Payne is by now so accustomed to restaurant high chairs that they have ceased to be the thrill they once were. But there is always something on the table that has never been examined before. That is the item she will quickly spot and ask for. In the instance below, it is a butter pat.

Negri's Italian Restaurant in the tiny Sonoma County town of Occidental has great traditional food as well as an extremely friendly attitude toward even the messiest of baby-diners.

There has been great coveting of forks recently, a desire to use the big-people implement. A little bit of this is allowed now and then, under close supervision.

Everyone remains aghast at this baby's interest in sucking on a lemon wedge whenever she finds an opportunity. Her expression afterwards is like that seen above, one of mild dismay. But then ten minutes later she will repeat the whole sequence. My theory is that she doesn't really like the taste, but it fascinates her.