Monday, February 11, 2013


Joey is a wooden toy sent from back East to Mabel Watson Payne by her Nooe. Mabel proudly demonstrated its many incarnations for me Monday evening.

"Pirate, Policeman, Construction Worker, Fireman."

Mabel named each new costume confidently after pulling out and assembling the matching elements from a large random pile of pants and shirts and boots and hats. And masks. And helmets.

In truth, there was hardly any chance to take pictures Monday. Soon after we all got back to the apartment, it was time for dinner. But Mabel did specifically ask me to take pictures of Joey in his different outfits.

In the bottom photo she appears to be chewing on the plastic "flower arrangement" (her own words) that she had balanced standing upright in a prominent place to the left of Joey – as a decoration – in the earliest pictures above.