Sunday, March 31, 2013

By Request

When the mid-day Easter festivities were winding down and I was packing up the camera, Mabel Watson Payne leaned against my shoulder and asked me to take a picture of her in just the way she wanted. I said fine, of course, but she would need to go over and stand by the bed so the camera's eye could see her. So far, Mabel has not been able spontaneously to grasp the idea that the camera cannot take her picture when she is standing behind it.  I thought by using the word "eye" for the camera lens, it might help her understand the camera needed to see her. But when Mabel heard that the camera had an eye, she left her position by the bed and came up close again to peer at the lens and see where the eye was. Eventually she went back over and stood next to the bed, putting her hands on top of her head and telling me to take her picture that way. Then she came and looked at the image on the little screen and said it was good.