Saturday, March 9, 2013

March Morning

Friday morning at the playground, bright and chilly. Good active weather, but a sweater was needed. I did my best throughout the day to look after Mabel Watson Payne, and it seemed like she agreed we were beguiling the time successfully. Back at home we drew pictures of worms and snakes eating grapes, and apes and baboons eating grapes, and two children with a ladder eating grapes. We drew pictures of Grandpa sitting on Mabel's feet while Mabel's feet pretended to be squirrels.

Later in the afternoon the wind became fierce and playing outside would have not been such easy fun. This did not matter very much because Mabel spent the whole afternoon on the project of taking a nap. First she spent an hour and a half getting sleepy enough for the nap and then after that almost two hours actually taking the nap. Daddy came home just before the end of the nap and then my duty for the day passed back into capable parental hands.