Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mamma's Voice

Mabel Watson Payne is home in San Francisco with Daddy this week while Mamma is far away in New York on a business trip. Wednesday afternoon when I was sitting with Mabel at the dining table doing arts and crafts projects, Daddy called Mamma on the phone, chatted for several minutes, and then brought the phone over to Mabel, who had appeared to be paying little or no attention to the phone conversation, intent on our immediate creative work.

Then she heard her mother's voice on the phone next to her ear and was elated. This is the longest they have ever been separated since Mabel was born. But Mabel is old enough to understand where Mamma is and when she will be back. Daddy wisely has set up extra visits this week with friends and grandparents who represent familiarity – and Mamma left behind a card addressed to Mabel for each day, with special messages of love. She has still asked a couple of times where Mamma was, and then remembered she was in New York, when Daddy reminded her. Naturally, it was a great treat to Mabel (and a reassurance) to hear Mamma's warm and soothing voice over the airwaves.