Saturday, July 19, 2014

Decorator Bookshelves

Old issues of shelter magazines online provided me with many bookshelves to look at. Receiving new bookshelves of my own made me freshly curious about other people's bookshelves.These are all much fancier arrangements than I would wish for or want to maintain, but they can still be stimulating to study. The opening four are all in the same residence, and I like this one among the best of any I found, because these books  assembled and arranged by Luis Bustamente  look as if they might actually be read and truly loved.

On the other hand, I have no special quarrel with exotic book arrangements like some of the ones below by other famous designers, even though the books themselves often look comparatively untouchable and sacrosanct.

Albert Hadley

Bill Blass

Carlos Aparicio

Charles Spada

Coco Rocha

Cristina Azario

Karl Lagerfeld

Magnus Lundgren

Marella Agnelli

Meichi Ping

Meichi Ping

Paulo Moschino

Richard Meier

Robert Couturier