Friday, July 25, 2014


Jacques Grange Interiors by Pierre Passebon was published by Flammarion in 2009. The one thing that most impresses me about the interiors designed by Jacques Grange is the abundance of clients who own Francis Bacon paintings. There are six Francis Bacon paintings in the three rooms below.

The pictures look uncomfortable, as they always do in domestic interiors. And this opulence of ownership is not, of course, restricted to Francis Bacon. The people who employ Jacques Grange also own Anselm Kiefer (above the red sofa immediately below) and a grand, severe Picasso (over the fireplace one room lower).

It seems to me easier to appreciate the work of the decorator when the art is less monumental. As far as I can determine, there are no overwhelmingly expensive artists on the walls of any of the half dozen arrangements below, and they breathe a finer air of privacy.

In the press, Jacques Grange is often identified as the favorite decorator of the late Yves Saint Laurent  who in his prime possessed more priceless tchotchkes than any other living human being. Saint Laurent's special needs were evidently well met in the boldness, stamina and complicated floor-plans of Jacques Grange.