Friday, December 5, 2014


Andrea Sacchi
Study for Aurora 

Unknown Roman artist
Viictory of Godfrey de Bouillon (detail)

Angel of the Annunciation

Sebastiano del Piombo
God the Father

Gian Lorenzo Bernini
Design for a Looking-glass for the Queen of Sweden

Perino del Vaga
Abduction of Oreithyia by Boreas

Michelangelo Anselmi
St. Anselm Appears to Abbott Helsin

Palma Giovane
Design for Altarpiece

Pietro da Cortona
Angels Surrounding Earth

Guido Reni

Pegasus & Muse

Carlo Maratta
Lion of San Marco

Lions, horses, angels, saints and God the Father  all carrying on a life in the sky (some with wings, some without) and all with the same authoritative grace, like Balanchine dancers. These otherworldly pieces of paper with markings in charcoal and wash and ink are preserved (for the dim eyes of the present) among the accumulated Italian drawings in the Royal Collection.