Friday, December 19, 2014

Roman Figures

Atlas Standing

Atlas Striding

Another small group of drawings by Guercino from the Royal Collection. There is a never-resolved tension here between contrary visions  between the traditional impulse to idealize, and the contemporary impulse to dwell on particulars.

Bearded Figure
c. 1640-50

Cato's Farewell to his Son
c. 1635-37

Madonna among Clouds
c. 1640-43

The Visitation
c. 1632

The Visitation
c. 1632

Studies of Heads
c. 1631

c. 1640-50

St. John the Evangelist
c. 1630

Figure Group
c. 1621-23

Standing Youth
c. 1620-40

Man with Hat
c. 1621

Circumcision of Christ
c. 1646

Woman with Putto
c. 1623

c. 1625

Emaciated Man
c. 1620-40

c. 1630-35

c. 1640

Actor with Mask
c. 1620-40