Monday, December 15, 2014


Fantastic Landscape with Urn

St Catherine of Alexandria

Domenichino (1581-1641) was a generation younger than the Carraccis. He joined their Accademia in Bologna around the turn of the century and became the favorite pupil of Annibale Carracci, following him to Rome as an assistant on the great fresco projects there. Later, Domenichino would complete his own independent fresco cycles in 17th century Rome, and these would become objects of study for succeeding generations of artists. The great Poussin himself is known to have felt a particular respect and fondness for the painting of Domenichino.

Italian Landscape

Kneeling Figure

Figure with Javelin

Figure with Large Club

Half-length Figure

Bound Figure


Design for Base with Figures

Design for Candlestick Base

All drawings from the Royal Collection.