Monday, October 26, 2015

Three Pumpkins

It was like a Halloween Fiesta on Sunday afternoon when I went over to Mabel's house. There was, most prominently (as above, top to bottom) a Dad pumpkin, a Mom pumpkin, and a Mabel pumpkin, completely carved and characteristic, with candles inside poised to burn at times of darkness.

And in Mabel's own room there was a great deal more, including the splendid blue bat brought home from kindergarten along with its miniature pumpkin companion (embellished with paint and yarn and tape). Plus there was a tiny white pumpkin and Mabel posed it for its picture on top of the bed rail that so uncannily resembled it.

Gumby and Pokey (below) make no claims for Halloween status, or none other than their natural enthusiasm for anything that excites Mabel's interest. But they are camera-hogs and will not be left out if there is any picture-taking happening.

The fabric covering one long wall in Mabel's room (below) started out in life as a pink sequined sari. Pokey can also be seen again, caught in the brave act of making friends with the blue bat.