Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Domestic Architecture

Boomerangs as architectural ornaments. Intact survivors on a 1950s apartment house at 15th and Landers.

Mini-portico, newly painted.

Custom tile. Green and purple mediated by orange.

Buzzers, with exceptionally successful hardware-store number-stickers.

Persistent address, peering through layers of change.

Bruised mailboxes, with air holes.

This building on Guerrero near 14th Street was long ago converted away from its original labor union purpose and instead exploited tastefully for residential use. I went to a New Year's Eve party in the top-floor flat about a decade ago. Large dark rooms full of large dark artworks. Impressive, even intimidating. New people live there now. The people who gave the party became less prosperous and now live in the Western Addition.