Monday, September 8, 2008

Frozen Peas

I was considering doing a post about watching Anna Wintour on television this afternoon jumping up and down in the stands at the U.S. Open and cheering (but of course never taking off her enormous sunglasses) when Roger Federer won the men's final, for his fifth U.S. Open championship. ("The ice queen melts," my friend who was watching with me remarked.) But to execute that idea would mean searching out an image of Anna Wintour jumping up and down in the stands this afternoon, and besides not having much interest in poking around on the internet at the moment, I figured about a million other bloggers who know something about tennis and something about fashion would be doing the same thing, so it seemed kind of superfluous for me to.

Instead I decided to post about frozen peas.

My daughter told me that since I buy and eat the small-size frozen peas in such quantities it was not fair to omit them from Spencer Alley, as if they did not play a large part in the daily life that goes on here.

I think that is fair. Last Christmas she gave me a clever & attractive home-made recipe book researched and written by herself and her husband, and she took pains to point out there was a simple and tasty recipe for fresh peas, which could be extended to frozen peas in my case. I believe it involved zest of orange and a couple of seasonings. Not difficult, and I really should try it. Almost every evening I chide myself for not having done so yet.