Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shop Sign

Dreamers and Make Believers is a new hair salon at 487 14th Street between Guerrero and Valencia in San Francisco.

Megan Morales and Wendy Newsome got together this summer and created this dream-space-all-their-own after years of large-salon experience.

My daughter and one of her equally craft-minded cronies designed and constructed the shop sign, being Megan's loyal clients & eager to help out.

The location is booming, with a make-your-own-couture-clothing studio on one side and a sleek-chair emporium on the other.

For appointments with WENDY call (415) 235-7037,or e-mail at WENDYCUTSHAIR@GMAIL.COM.

For appointments with MEGAN call (415) 810-8642, or e-mail at MEGANHMORALES@YAHOO.COM.

For new clients call (415) 861-2647