Thursday, November 20, 2008

Slipcover II

Updating the sofa project at the San Francisco apartment of my daughter and son-in-law – today I worked on recovering the cushions. This part is relatively time-consuming because of all the corded trim.

Beauregard prevents the trim from getting tangled by keeping it snugly wrapped around himself and offering the free end to me.

He also warns me of mistakes, before they can get out of hand. I make plenty, but they can usually be fixed.

Each cushion needs six pieces of fabric, pre-cut to size, and about five yards of cording running around the top and bottom edges. (The colors are wonky on these detail shots for reasons that surpass my techno-competence.)

I put the pieces in place just to see how the prints were lining up, but there is still a long way to go. I called in to my office sometime around mid-morning to let them know I would need next week off also, to complete this amusing undertaking. We are always being told at the library that we do not take enough time off and that the University would prefer us not to keep so much leave on the books because it is an accounting liability for them, so I am doing my duty toward my employer by using some of that surplus leave on this project.

This gorgeous fabric, by the way, is from