Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halloween Research

Seems as if I succeeded last week (as described here) in discouraging my trainer from the idea of a Fixie Boy Halloween costume this year. Too bland and predictable, it seemed to me, as I looked at images like the one above.

Now he has come up with some spin-off alternatives. What about a Fixie-Girl? Since these are relatively rare in real life, there would be more freedom to elaborate – plus all the natural costume-advantages of doing drag.

The internet predictably failed to yield much in the way of female fixie riders.

So I broadened the search out to girls-in-general riding bikes-in-general, rather than one specific type of girl on one specific type of bike.

I got quite a few retro-fashion girls on bike with brakes.

And a great wealth of "babes-on-bikes" – but nothing that seemed to be channeling any Halloween messages. Even the bumble-bee arm-warmers failed to emit any creative sparks.

So I moved on to the second possibility that had been opened up for discussion: Female Roller Derby.

But my trainer was already thinking far beyond run-of-the-mill Roller Derby drag. What about Eighties Roller Derby drag?

Now at last, fortune began to smile. It turns out that just last month photos were disseminated around the world from the streets of New York where shooting is presently ongoing for the second Sex and the City movie. And it contains an Eighties fashion sequence that was clearly conceived with drag queens in mind.

So now all we have to do is merge the Roller Derby pictures with the Sex and the City pictures and that version of the costume will just sort of magically make itself.