Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thom Browne

I was actually in New York on Sept. 16 when Thom Browne's spring/summer 2010 show took place. But I was nowhere near Bryant Park and consequently missed the spectacle, preoccupied instead with my museums.

Then today the first storm of the wet season hit San Francisco, rains and high winds wrecking umbrellas on all sides and tearing leaves and bark off the trees in Golden Gate Park, filling the air with debris all up and down Stanyan while I waited (and waited for an extra long time, as is almost always the case in bad weather) for MUNI. After struggling home (soaked) from the library and changing into dry clothes, I happened to rediscover Thom Browne's sunny fantasia and felt consoled. It is already old news in the fashion world – and completely out of sync with the prevailing seasonal reality here in the northern hemisphere – but perfect for cheerful escapism.