Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Daylight

There are too many things to photograph when the light is as good as it has been these past few days. Even in one's own immediate San Francisco neighborhoods such richness of choice is confusing.

The sign above looks as if it is about 50 years old, many times painted over after being screwed to the wall of an apartment house on 19th Street back in the day when $25 represented a considerable-enough sum to lure informants and deter vandals.

Magazine-style architecture at the top of a WPA pedestrian stairway on Sanchez in the Castro.


The United States Mint, alone in stone on its own mound, looming like a carbuncle over the Market Street Safeway Supermarket parking lot.

Evening starts to settle in and the tiled tower of Mission High modestly appears in soft focus beyond the palms in Dolores Park.