Sunday, October 25, 2009


McDonalds #1, designed by Li Lihong (b. 1974), Jingdezhen, China, 2007. Porcelain, transfer-printed in underglaze blue, height 37 centimeters.

"Today's world features unprecedented levels of global exchange. McDonalds, Reebok and Toshiba can be found anywhere. Shanghai-based artist Li Lihong, originally from the great ceramic-producing city of Jingdezhen, began his career in commercial design and advertising. These experiences come together in McDonalds #1, which comments on the recent flood of global brands into China by rendering the famous 'golden arches' of the fast-food chain in traditional blue-and-white. Although contemporary in theme, Li's piece also reminds us that globalisation is not a new phenomenon, and that Chinese porcelain has been a global product for centuries – Chinese blue-and-white, which was exported in large quantities to Europe and the Middle East, has been called the 'first global brand'.

Photo and text from the October issue of Apollo. The article quoted reports on the opening of new ceramics galleries at the Victoria & Albert Museum.