Friday, November 27, 2009


My old alarm clock died the other night. It was about five years old and had cost $5.95 at Walgreen's. I bought a neutral-looking white cube-shaped replacement at Cliff's in the Castro for $8.95. But when I put the batteries in back at home, it turned out I had purchased more than I could possibly have hoped for. That's when I read the fine print on the outside of the box:

"Living in a fast paced society
brings a lot of pressure and stress to people. How to soothe and relieve these problems has been an important project to researchers and scientists for years. They have discovered that light and color change can bring a significant improvement on these problems. Our cutting-edge product MoodiCare clock is made based on that idea. The special features are: it can soothe and relieve your pressure and stress which are caused by many other factors such as work. It is a fully functional alarm clock, it changes colors with 7 different choices. Your mood can be adjusted while the clock's colors are changing. Please enjoy the MoodiCare color-changing clock with good mood!"