Saturday, December 26, 2009

Vacation Reading

It would be frightening indeed to face the long holiday break without a good stack of library books to fall back on. And to take the portrait of my personal this-year's stack (brought home a few at a time over the past couple of weeks) I used one of yesterday's Christmas presents, a flexible-legged tabletop gorillapod that usefully stabilizes my humble little digital camera. My daughter and her husband saw one in use when they were out in the world and they sought out a source for it and then bought me one. It is of course obvious to anybody who has looked at this blog more than once (or even once) that my photo-ambitions are not very high (or conversely that my resistance to technology is very high) but even I can occasionally befriend a new gadget, especially one that is small & lightweight & nonbreakable & can be easily tossed into the backpack along with the camera itself.