Friday, December 4, 2009


Muleland is a small building at 3516 16th Street in the Castro. I have walked past Muleland a thousand times without knowing what it is, but my curiosity must not have been very intense because I never bothered to google it until today, when I quickly discovered that it is a one-person San Francisco woodworking shop and that it has hardly any web-presence at all. And that was as much information as I needed – maybe more information than I needed – because over and over, the one thing I actually notice about Muleland and really care about is the hand-painted lettering (those idiosyncratic serifs!) on the outside of the building. In the past I have made other attempts to take pictures of what I think of as "the Muleland font" but the pictures never came out very well. The ones I took today didn't come out especially well either, but I decided to use them anyway because by now Muleland has become too prominent a feature of my visual landscape to remain unacknowledged.