Friday, December 18, 2009

Made to Measure

The only men's fashion blog I follow with any regularity is London-based Style Salvage. One of its authors is Steve Salter, who traveled to Hong Kong in late November along with his girlfriend, the famous Susie Bubble, eponymous heroine of that best of all fashion blogs, Style Bubble. While in Hong Kong Mr. Salter documented the selection and acquisition of his first-ever bespoke suit, tailored for him and him alone by j.a. daye. Innumerable small decisions and measurements and adjustments are described and photographed on the road to the finished suit in a cross-hatch voile lined with two different printed silks.

I include only a few glimpses of the process here. The full text and many more images can be found in three installments on Style Salvage: Made to Measure 1, Made to Measure 2, and Made to Measure 3.

Nor can I avoid remarking with favor on the almost-Eighties eyeglasses. In fact I approve of them to the extent that I acquired a near-identical Paul Smith pair for myself about a month ago, well before I had any chance to observe how right they look with Mr. Salter's new suit.