Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hand Sewing

Today I sewed the weighted cord along the bottom edge of the felt panels that will serve as front doors to the baby dwelling under construction in my daughter and son-in-law's downtown apartment. They emailed me that they had traveled to Cliff's in the Castro today and procured the curtain rod that these front door panels will hang from. Also a large menacing plastic owl to scare away the pigeons from the windowsill outside the baby dwelling.

Panel's bottom edge turned up over the weighted cord and sewn in place – a sort of weighted, rolled hem.

With the hems sewn in, the panels needed to be cut to exactly 80 inches. After that, I pinned a matching-color inch-wide grosgrain ribbon along the top edge of each panel, on the back side. The ribbon is intended to prevent the felt from stretching and induce it to hold its shape.

With both ends finished, I can proceed tomorrow with the construction of the loops to go over the curtain rod, five for each panel, ten in all, and each lined with this same grosgrain ribbon.