Sunday, August 28, 2011


I visited Mabel Watson Payne yesterday, not having seen her for two whole weeks due to various circumstances including her happy vacation exploring beaches and Missions and little towns along the California coast. Two weeks in baby time is like two years in adult time -- or so it seems -- and there were many noticeable changes such as a greater confidence in walking and also such as longer & thicker & curlier hair. Presumably its growth was stimulated by the brisk sea air and sunshine.

Photo below, though not overwhelmingly clear, does document another major development -- the baby teeth on the top are starting to visibly sprout.

Striped hippie trousers were a birthday present from Auntie Pam. Mabel Watson Payne decided to use them as the lynchpin for a head-to-toe Flower Child look yesterday including a long string of lovely shiny green beads.