Sunday, August 7, 2011

Birthday Presents

Next weekend is Mabel Watson Payne's 1-year birthday party. Today I wrapped up the presents I will give her. They all came to me from that valuable online British source, Baby Boden. The leather flower shoes (above) are my own hands-down favorite out of all these items.

Pink cord jacket with pink fleece lining and big blue buttons. All this loot is in the 12-18 month size, which will still be a little on the large side for Mabel Watson Payne. But then maybe they will fit all the way through the winter.

The Hotchpotch T-Shirt, so-called. Mabel Watson Payne has a special fondness for sleeves with dots on them.

This knitted cat-dress is an interesting blend: 35% cotton 30% viscose 22% nylon 8% cashmere 5% angora rabbit hair.

The purple cord jeans are fully lined in solid aqua, with flower print at waistband and cuffs. I remember boutique-type hippie clothing in the Sixties that looked a lot like this.

Hooded sweater with big harmonious buttons. A rare example of a neutral color entering this baby's wardrobe.

A bag full of long-sleeved onesies. It is still quite possible to go through two or three of these in a day, so it would be hard to have too many.

And then I found some truly divine paper at the Safeway to wrap them all up in.