Saturday, May 12, 2012

Babysitting Report

Mabel Watson Payne and I went home from the playground Friday evening on our own while her parents went out to dinner with friends. Even though the bath was planned for later, Mabel still got spruced up a little after all the outdoor exertion (and the sand) and put on fresh clothes.She enjoys picking out what to wear and put serious thought into picking this dress. 

This child's range of expressions is endless. The faster shutter on the new camera allows a better chance of isolating stills from this succession of miniature pantomimes, each one lasting only a second or two, as in TRAGEDY (above) and COMEDY (below). 

After the meal it was time for the long enjoyable bath. And then before we could put on pajamas we had to have the same pajama discussion we had last time I babysat. Mabel seriously objects to wearing any of her pajama suits that have built-in feet (which is most of them). She needs to be able to see her feet. So we have to find pajamas that will allow this. She did make one concession this time that she had refused last time, and agreed to very thin socks, because they still allowed her to see her feet well enough.