Friday, May 18, 2012

Carousel Evidence

After the Mother's Day picnic there was a Mother's Day carousel ride at Tilden Park in Berkeley. My primitive photography skills revealed themselves big time inside the glass-walled carousel building. There didn't seem to be enough light to allow a fast-enough shutter speed to maintain focus. Also, the railing I used to stabilize the camera did not stabilize it very well. Then as I rotated to follow the moving subjects (around & around plus up & down), the light-mix would change radically with each small shift of perspective.

Considering that these three are the best of the bunch, the viewer can infer how terrible the others were. But at least these can serve as evidence that the carousel ride did happen (with Zebra and Cat as mounts, accompanied by Stag) and that  Mabel Watson Payne regarded this business of taking a family ride on large carved animals as a great and serious adventure, even though she has ridden carousels before.