Thursday, May 17, 2012

East Coast Absence

My daughter needs to be in New York next week on publishing business, but ingeniously she has folded that obligation into a rather elaborate trip for the whole family. They left yesterday for Boston, to spend time with relatives and see sights. Over the weekend they move on to Manhattan. Mabel Watson Payne will keep amused there during the days with her Daddy while my daughter is working. Then over the following weekend they will relocate once again (but only a short distance) to Brooklyn, where the wedding of a dear old friend will take place. And then all together they will have a chance to spend a few additional days relaxing and exploring Brooklyn before flying home.

Total duration of absence from San Francisco = two weeks. I will think about the fun they are having during the times when I find myself missing them most keenly. And about the fresh adventures Mabel will want to relate when they get back at the end of the month.