Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back to Bananas

1/400 second, f//4

1/160 second, f/2.8

1/125 second, f/1.8

1/160 second, f/7.1

1/800 second, f/7.1

1/125 second, f/9

Two months ago when I was barely bold enough to use the new D-SLR at all, one of the first tolerably successful experiments involved a nice calm inert glowing bowl of bananas on the kitchen counter. I returned to the same subject Wednesday evening, trying to regain some of my early efforts at precision. Now that the basic control buttons are more or less familiar on this mercurial little piece of machinery, I see myself starting to get sloppy (or lazy, or something) since I spend most of my photo-time in a hurry, trying to pin down the constantly fleeting image of Mabel Watson Payne. It is time to back up and start learning again, because there are still many unexplored technical possibilities for getting cleaner and more interesting pictures.

1/320 second, f/5.6