Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sepia Mother's Day

Lacking any new pictures of Mabel Watson Payne (still on her East Coast sightseeing and people-seeing trip) I decided to try and salvage a few more of the pictures I took during the Mother's Day outing to Tilden Park. These semi-rescued ones had the sort of color problems or lighting problems that sepia tinting was invented to at least mitigate.

Next time there is a chance to photograph a carousel ride I will make sure to buy a ticket and get on that carousel myself, positioned in front of the Holy Family on one of those non-moving bench/sleigh/chariot conveyances  – carousel-makers always provide a few of those – where I can find a level surface to stabilize the camera pointed backwards toward the subjects.

At this stage Mabel regards carousel-riding as a serious and mysterious business. She does not think of it so much as a form of amusement, but more as a complex multi-sensory object of study.

And in the car seat at the end – when all the Tilden adventures had played themselves out – she rapidly and soundly fell asleep.