Thursday, January 23, 2014


Blanche Walsh and Melbourne MacDowell, 1899

Gertrude Shipman and Lawrence B. McGill, 1899

E.R. Spencer and Isabel Pengra, 1899

A Serious Conversation, 1881

Carmen, 1896

Pyrotechnic Fountain, 1890

The Wolf, 1908

Adah Richmond's Operetta Bouffe Troupe, 1878

Stage couples featured on theatrical posters from the Library of Congress. Yesterday saw a group of relatively scarce posters organized around images of leading men. Today's selection represents another fairly untypical template  the leading couple.

More numerous than these by far were posters depicting the leading lady alone, staring out into the world from her isolation and inviting the spectator into an imaginary intimacy with her.

Clifford and Huth, 1899

Clifford and Huth, 1899