Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Portrait & biography of Roelant Savery
published by Jean-Baptiste Deschamps

Roelant Savery (1576-1639) was a Flemish-born painter who spent his life in the Netherlands. There, he participated in the merry summertime of cultural creativity that followed the expulsion of the Spaniards. This artist's preference for craggy Germanic landscapes set him apart from the 17th century European mainstream.

Mountainous Landscape with Castle

Crab Fishermen
c. 1610

Courtyard with Beggar Woman
c. 1608

Seated Man, Drawn from Life
c. 1606-09

Seated Woman, Drawn from Life
c. 1603-09

Elephant Rubbing Against a Tree
c. 1608-12

Dapple Grey
c. 1625-30

Landscape with Temptation of St. Anthony

Three Stags in Landscape

Landscape with Birds

Still Life with Crown Imperial

Flower Still Life

Savery is remembered today less for his landscapes and more for his flower studies (as above). People who study flower studies declare that Savery's flower studies are very good ones. But he is most famous for the pleasure he took in repeatedly painting the Dodo (as below) which humans were successfully driving to extinction during his lifetime.  

Edwards' Dodo