Saturday, January 24, 2015

Second Daughter

Lady Clementina Hawarden, the great English photographer, used her daughters as her models. The second daughter, seen above in 1862, was named Clementina also. The photograph shows young Clementina in underwear  assuming the role of a young girl dreaming into a mirror while gradually getting dressed. The pictures below all feature Clementina, fully dressed, and all were taken in the family's large London house in the large upper rooms given over to photographic pursuits. One of Lady Hawarden's gigantic cameras is visible in the mirror at the center of the photograph immediately below.

All images from V&A

"Virtually the whole of Lady Hawarden’s extensive corpus survives thanks to the donation by her granddaughter, Clementina, Lady Tottenham, of 776 prints to the Victoria and Albert Museum in 1939. Judging from the torn corners of many of the prints (some of them subsequently trimmed with scissors), the prints originally belonged in albums: why they were removed remains unknown."