Saturday, January 17, 2015

Two Cousins

Antoine Watteau
Two Cousins
c. 1716

Antoine Watteau
Diana at her Bath

Yesterday's entertaining glance at the French Baroque incidentally opened a side path into the French 18th century (with its confident gestures and melancholy merriment and silvery gloss). This allowed me to stray briefly outside the temporal boundaries within which I generally am content to dwell.

Jean Honoré Fragonard
Marie Madeleine Guimard

Nicolas Bertin
Phaéton on the Chariot of Apollo
c. 1720

Jean Joseph Xavier Bidauld
Vue de l'île de Sora

Jean Germain Drouais
Marius at Minturnae

Noel Hallé
Race Between Hippomenes and Atalanta
c. 1762-65

Jean François Pierre Peyroun
Death of Alcestis

Pierre Subleyras
Portrait of a Man Reading
c. 1745

Pierre Subleyras
Charon Ferrying the Shades
c. 1735-40

Anne Vallayer-Coster
Still Life with Marine Plants, Shells & Coral

Claude Joseph Vernet
Port of Marseilles

Pierre Henri Valenciennes
Roman Morning
c. 1782-84

Pierre Henri Valenciennes
Roman Clouds
c. 1780