Saturday, January 31, 2015

Valentine Birthday

The best birthdays that I have are the ones that coincide with a family Valentine-making party, as happened today. Mabel was so rich in ideas for Valentines that she was able to help Grandpa with his Valentines at the same time that she was making her own Valentines. And in addition to that, she was gathering and sorting the Valentines of all five makers into separate piles in a safe place away from the mayhem of the work table.

I scanned Mabel's Valentines first, and others will appear soon. The florescent orange dot-stickers were popular with everyone, but it turns out the scanner cannot read that particular color (and I offer this explanation especially for Mabel, who will be the first to notice).

Mabel also conceived the heart-shaped chocolate birthday cake with red icing. She fashioned the pipe cleaner decoration on its top herself, but Grandma in her kindness and creativity actually executed this cake-plan in her own kitchen and was able to present the astonishing-looking and delicious confection seen below.

When the Valentines were done, the birthday party started, with singing and candles and cake and presents, many presents. Mabel gave me three pipe-cleaner people (one large, two small) along with several other pipe-cleaner sculptures in almost every color there is. She folded them inside heavy red paper and with her own hand in all-capital letters wrote HAPPY BIRTHDAY like a banner across the present.