Friday, January 16, 2015

Baroque France

Georges de La Tour
St. Thomas
c. 1625-30

Overall, it still seems to me that painting in 17th century France was less ambitious and less convincing than painting in 17th century Italy, yet a generalization like that is not worth very much, and the dozen marvelous French paintings picked out here for scrutiny are more than adequate in themselves to prove the pointlessness of broad comparisons.

Eustache Le Sueur
The Muses - Clio, Euterpe, Thalia
c. 1652-55

Le Nain Brothers
Allegory of Victory
c. 1635

François Perrier
Acis, Galatea & Polyphemus
c. 1649-50

Pierre Mignard
Marie Mancini
c. 1660

Pierre Mignard
The King's brother, Monsieur, with portrait of his favorite daughter, Marie Louise of Spain
c. 1670

Lauarent de La Hyre
Allegory of Arithmetic
c. 1650

Laurent de La Hyre
Jesus Appearing to the Three Marys
c. 1650

Lauarent de La Hyre
Landscape with Peace and Justice Embracing

Sébastien Bourdon
c. 1635-40

Simon Vouet
Allegory of Virtue
c. 1634

Simon Vouet
Allegory of Charity
c. 1640