Monday, April 27, 2015

Blue Balloons

Mabel got me up on the step-stool to try and take a picture of the entirety of her blanket/marbles structure. At the end of that effort, as above, she elected to insert herself into one of the elevated photos.

Half a minute later (with me still up on the step-stool, still pointing downwards with the camera) the child's interest had shifted to the half dozen blue helium balloons bouncing off the ceiling. Her initial efforts to pull the whole bunch down were thus recorded from on high also.

In the photo immediately above Mabel is holding the blue and green cardboard contrivance we attached to the ribbons of the balloons as a weight. Mabel drew (with a little help) a life-sized red Lego person on a piece of paper and cut the figure out and taped it to the cardboard, to be a passenger. At first we tried to use a real Lego person as a passenger, but it was too heavy. So Mabel decided to make a lightweight paper replica.

Close-up of passenger