Sunday, April 26, 2015

Symmetrical Marbles

When I came over on Sunday afternoon, Mabel and her mother were already deep into a marble game on the surface of the striped baby blanket Grandma knitted when Mabel was born.

Mabel positioned herself behind double ranks of wooden marbles while I took Mamma's place behind matching rows of glass marbles.

Mabel never fully explained the rules to me, but the two sides definitely were always made to stay like mirror-images of one another, symmetrical.

I promised Mabel a photo of the entire blanket (including the cork-sentinels on the four corners) but the two pictures below are the best ones I managed, even though they do not quite meet specifications.

At a certain point, Mabel decided to add to the game by jumping over the blanket, back and forth, back and forth. And that is how this episode ends, with the happy jumping.