Friday, June 26, 2009


Online I ordered the LEVO BookHolder-Floor Stand Model, delivered in contiguous US (Chair not included). The UPS person delivered it in a heavy box this afternoon (heavy because the base is cast iron, for stability).

I put it together without too much trouble. And my hope for this gadget was that it would permit me to read full-size hardcover books on the exercise machine, a machine that in its contours was clearly engineered to prevent reading. (For the adventure of the arrival last September of the elliptical treadmill itself, see here.)

Ungainly as the combination looks, it seems to function.

The source of this satisfaction is BookMateStore.

In the evening I realized that what I still needed was a clip-on reading lamp -- an element I had forgotten when I first concocted this scheme. So I set out for Cliff's Hardware, where I found a small sturdy flexible-necked inexpensive black-and-chrome model. Then I also needed to get a power strip to accommodate the additional electric cord. Back at home I added the new pieces to my already-complicated contrivance, and then stood back, satisfied. For such a poorly planned project, it turned out incredibly well.