Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Errands

Bright morning on Valencia near 16th, where I am offered a good view of the previous night's felony vandalism as I make my way over to Mystic Haircutting.

People never seem to run out of weird new names for weird new bands. There must be dozens – maybe hundreds – of garage bands in the Mission at any given moment in time, though I only know about them from fugitive posters like this, up for a day and then obliterated.

Later make a trip to the dry cleaner's in the Castro, where I observe the window above. OBAMA SELLS US OUT. FUCK CHURCH & STATE. Many local citizens are reacting with strong emotions to last week's court filing where the U.S. Dept. of Justice included gay marriage in the same category of criminality as incest and pedophilia.

The timing, from a local point of view, couldn't be any more ironic, with gay flags flying from every available surface in anticipation of next weekend's San Francisco Pride Parade.