Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The UPS driver brought a box containing these two fabrics folded neatly and wrapped inside layers of orange tissue paper. The bundle included a friendly handwritten note from the packer at, the online fabric store where my daughter and I often look first when we are contemplating a new sewing project. Last summer we adapted a dress pattern into a lightweight tunic with three-quarter length sleeves, made up in a printed cotton depicting tiny figures of forest animals against a dark background. My daughter has worn it so often (mostly over jeans) that the idea of having another one is appealing, but we agreed on looking for prints as different from last year's as possible. My daughter has not seen these new fabrics in the flesh yet, though we collaborated by email in picking them out from the internet swatches. So she might choose one or the other or both or neither. At top is Joy of Life by Alexander Henry. Below is Woodcut Diamonds from Yuwa Fabrics. The top one will make a crisp, dashing tunic. The bottom one has more suppleness and subtlety, and will produce a garment that can be packed without wrinkling. So I can advocate for both, but will be happy in the end with whatever plan is decreed.

It does not seem like I have already done 500 of these little bulletins, but I must have done, since the machine keeps track of the numbers and is not capable of making mathematical mistakes.