Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day

The traditional mix disc from my daughter reflecting whatever she is listening to arrived for me at our designated Father's Day celebration last night. We had dinner at 
on 22nd between Mission and Bartlett. Most vivid among my memories is the octopus carpaccio under multicolored drizzles.

This new disc is called Diana in honor of the lomo camera given to me as a Christmas gift. As usual, I have no information about where the music comes from or who performs it. I am to report back on what I do or do not figure out on my own. So here is my attempt to account for the 19 tracks on Diana.

1. 1234 / Feist, from the album Reminder.

2. Jai Ho / A.R. Rahman, from the soundtrack to Slumdog Millionaires.

3. Flume / Bon Iver (Justin Vern) from the album For Emma, Forever Ago.

4. Think Long / Mates of State (Kori & Jason Gardner-Hammel) from the album Bring It Back.

5. Ce jeu / Yelle, from the album Pop-Up.

6. You Ought To Move Out of Town / originally recorded in the 1920s by Jed Davenport and his Beale Street Jug Band -- current version a recent cover by Jug Free America.

7. The Geese of Beverly Road / The National, from the album Alligator.

8. All Dressed in Love / Jennifer Hudson, from the soundtrack to Sex in the City.

9. Changing Colours / Great Lake Swimmers, from the album Ongaria.

10. Silver Lining / Rilo Kiley, from the album Under the Blacklight.

11. Long Black Veil / Johnny Cash.

12. The Crane Wife 3 / The Decemberists, from the album The Crane Wife.

13. When U Were Mine / Prince

14. Gold in the Air of Summer / Kings of Convenience, from the album Riot on an Empty Street.

15. Paper Planes / M.I.A., from the album Kala.

16. Your Kings / Paleo, from the album Pedestrian Crossing.

17. My Moon, My Man / Feist (again, and welcome, in her famous blue sequined strapless 80s jumpsuit) from the album Reminder.

18. East of Eden / Mason Jennings, from the album Century Spring.

19. Loli / Nous non plus, from the album Menagerie.