Monday, March 22, 2010


Another garden job on the sunny Sunday afternoon was to trim off the all-finished flower-stalks of the grape hyacinths and then to mark the location of the plants with chopsticks. When the foliage dies away we will still know where the bulbs are.

The violas are spreading out after a couple of weeks in their pots. In their row on the porch they get sun in the morning but not later. They needed to be rotated, because the blossoms proliferate on the sunny side.

Sweet pea seedlings got tucked in under some of the fence pickets. Some of the seedlings are traditional sweet pea colors like lavender and pink, while others are a hybrid dating back to 1907 and called Lord Nelson -- which reputedly will produce navy-blue flowers, identical in color to the one-armed uniform Nelson was wearing at the Battle of Trafalgar when death gloriously overtook him.

And a couple of freesias have decided to bloom. The plants have been in the ground for several years but have never bloomed before. Greetings to the freesias and sincere congratulations.